Whether it’s for muscle-building or cardio, there are plenty of household items for exercises to add to your fitness routine. Even without all that fancy gym equipment, you can easily elevate your home workouts by using household items readily available to you.

1. Dining chair or stool – tricep dips and push-ups

Aside from being used for sitting, you can add an extra function to a dining chair with some easy exercises.

Tricep dips help strengthen the muscles behind your upper arm to gradually add size to your overall flex. Do this often and you’ll find an improvement in stability, flexibility and range of motion in your shoulders and arms, which can help prevent injuries when you workout. It’s also incredibly simple – think of it as a “reverse push-up”

2. 5L bottles – squats

If you’ve got a full 5L bottle at home, they can help with your squats. Just by extending them out as far as you can while you do your dips, it helps keep your centre of gravity in one line for proper squat form, while also training your arms and keeping your balance. You can also fill empty water bottles with sand and use them as dumbbell weights.

3. Table Mats/ Carpets

Did you know that you can use table carpets for body workouts? Laydown on your back with your legs at 90 degrees on a clean table carpet. Regularly stretching your back is important for a healthy spine.

4. Vacuum cleaner, laundry baskets – lunges

Chores can be a bore, especially with all the time we’re spending at home. But to maximise your day, try out some lunges while vacuuming the floor. Your floor will be sparkling clean while your hips and legs also get a good workout – talk about a 2-for-1 deal.

In fact, lunges can easily be incorporated into other household chores too. Do some while carrying laundry over for washing, mopping the floor or taking out the trash. Just make sure to maintain that 90-degree angle between your legs and thighs, keep a straight back and avoid extending your knee beyond your foot.

5. Toilet paper rolls – planks

Planks are another versatile and effective exercise, but to be fair, sometimes they can be rather dull. So, while you’re at home, make use of any toilet paper rolls lying around to help modify your planks. All you need is 4 toilet paper rolls to get started.

Start in the classic plank position – be sure your back is straight, your elbows are positioned under your shoulders, and your palms are on the ground. Then, using your left hand, stack 4 rolls one by one in front of your right hand while holding the plank. Afterwards, repeat this using your right hand to stack the rolls instead.

Make sure to keep your body straight throughout and try to endure for as long as you can to work those core muscles!




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